We all live highly demanding lives, don’t we? Money needs to be gathered, results to be obtained, complaints avoided, care provided, help given, expectations met, professional goals reached, new ventures launched, competition defeated… Do I need to say more?

Having all these expectations from ourselves leads to a busy life. A busy life tends to go by unexamined. We fill in the gaps with more things to do; lists of things-to-do to cross-out and more things to add to the lists and then some more. But what about the idea ‘which of those things on your list do you really need?’

“How dare you!” you might say. “I have kids and a home I need to provide to.” “I need to show the world how successful I am! This will get me more business. (And I always need more!) No time for such trite peculiarities as examining my life and my priorities!”

“Oh… really?”

Looking for efficiency in delivering results over a long period of time without examining the things you are attending to and without devoting time in appreciating your own efforts, can make stress feel normal and go by unnoticed – perhaps until it is too late… Getting things done without any self-reflection and awareness will ultimately lead to a meaningless life and in fact to a less effective one. (Lack of effectiveness seems to go by unnoticed when you attend to the wrong things… After all, you are too busy for noticing, right? Have you noticed how that is easy to happen?).

That tiny voice in your head might be nagging you to make a change…

“Who are you really doing all this for?”

“Do you honestly care for anyone in your life?”

“How can you care for someone else when you really don’t care about yourself and your own well-being?”

Burn-out syndrome can be the ultimate result when stress piles up over a long period of time. This is when you avoid going to work, call in sick and do not know what is really going on with you. Something is wrong but you can’t put your finger on it. But you feel you had enough and you actually had…

We are called human beings for a reason. If we are lucky, we are ‘beings’! It is a pity to waste this full of life “human being” potential to be a successful “human doing”. Because after all is said and done, what will you do with you? Where are the things that really matter in life? Have you considered what these are for you? Or have you been running your whole life like a mouse in a ferret wheel?

If you think you have been piling up stress and you do not want so much of this in your life, what about getting some coaching? Coaching is a way to examine your routines or your behavioural patterns, and see where you might be wasting resources as well as seeing if you have been missing some issues altogether regarding your own well-being and self-care. If this sounds that there is something there for you, I can help.

I have been working with professionals around the world with exceptional qualitative results. And what I mean by that, is the transformation you experience in your being, might be more important than any dollars or pounds or euros you will ever make (although this transformation might actually help you in that department as well). If this sounds like something you are willing to try, contact me. I am based in central London but also do online sessions. I will be pleased to set up a contract and work together towards your coaching goals.

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