You probably reached this page because you are considering either psychotherapy or coaching either to heal or develop. I know that choices when selecting a professional can be overwhelming. Just by looking at a therapist or coaches platform, looking at all these lists of professionals that you can potentially select from can be frustrating.

Εspecially when considering my services, what I can promise to you is that I will be powerfully present in our sessions as I work in a relational, ethical, professional, compassionate and thoughtful way. I have long experience and I have developed my skills through extensive training so that I can offer a great deal of value to you.

So with that in mind let me introduce myself. My name is Naoum Liotas and I work as a psychotherapist, business coach and organisational consultant based in London. On my personal path, I have come across several blocks and red lines. Some of them stopped me for a while and others made me look for alternatives. Everything, however, led to where I am now. And this is what I practice in my psychotherapy and coaching practice. The “here and now” and how this can be accessed by my clients in order to live their lives more fully.

So what are your options right now?

I do hope I will be providing you with the support you may require at this point in your life.

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Coaching Case Study One: Ms. K. landing that job

I was approached by E. in order to help her land a job. She was positive that her lack of self-confidence was costing her not landing a job even though she was getting a lot of interviews…

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Coaching Case Study Two: From Coaching to Therapy for good reason

The client was a young man in his early twenties that was exhibiting high levels of stress, hair loss and low self-esteem. He had quite important psychosomatic issues…

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Coaching Case Study Three: Executive Coaching for a wanting-to-be-perfect CEO

That client was referred to me by a colleague. He wanted coaching in order to do some “everyday practice” in order to keep and improve his skills. He had finished a psychotherapeutic relationship and wanted some coaching sessions on the side.

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Counselling Case Study One: Surviving Cancer and Betrayal

This woman was facing a crisis in her life as a survivor of cancer as well as surviving a betrayal from her partner in ways that are not of interest to us here. She was feeling lost and vulnerable and I was under the impression that she had lost the earth below her feet – she no longer knew who she was…

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Psychotherapy Issue Vol. 1: Eating Disorders

Initially not all people who visit a psychotherapist and face an eating disorder will come to therapy with the eating disorder in mind. Some might need help with stress levels, medical issues that cause anxiety or others with any issue at all which will be more urgent at the present moment.

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Psychotherapy Issue Vol. 2: Shame and sexual orientation

The issue presented here is based on my work and study of the psychotherapeutic process of mostly gay men and what the main issues that they face are which need our attention in the therapeutic relationship.

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