What is supervision?

Clinical Supervision is used in counselling, psychotherapy and other mental health disciplines to provide the space for mental health practitioners to reflect and discuss their caseload and professional issues in their practice.

The goals of supervision are:

  1. to improve and hone their skills as psychotherapists or counsellors,
  2. to help themselves understand the dynamics and things that might be going on with clients below the surface and are out of awareness and
  3. to develop the ways they work.

Supervisors are usually more experienced and specifically trained and are able to offer their insights, understanding etc. to the practitioners which will then guide their work forward with their clients.

In a similar fashion, coaching supervision is an opportunity for coaches working with clients to share, in confidence, their caseload and it is an activity where coaches can gain insight, support and direction for themselves thus also improving their work.

Who is supervision for?

Psychotherapists, counsellors, coaches and trainees in those areas.

What do I offer?

I am on my way to become a fully qualified supervisor so I am offer clinical or coaching supervision to Gestalt or integrative counsellors and psychotherapists and to life and executive coaches who work with adults. The cost is £90 for one 50-minute hour of clinical supervision and £120 for one 50-minute hour of coaching supervision. Please also be aware that I might ask for permission to record some of our sessions.

Anything else I should know?

Expect to discuss the contract and arrangements in the first supervision session. You are free to bring any issues that are troubling you from your practice and any areas that you want to evolve, along with your case work.

If you want to ask some questions before you book a supervision session just use the contact page to contact me.

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