I recently saw a comment on Facebook that sparked my memory and my self-reflection about what has been helpful so far. In life, we all find ourselves having to deal with some challenging situations. In some occasions, I have been paralysed by fear and by overthinking more than once.

So what do you do, when a new opportunity presents itself and you might be overwhelmed by what this change might require from you?

I have found out that thinking about courage and its difference with fearlessness is important for me and for moving forward. Fearlessness is all about not feeling fear – it might be dangerous or even disrespectful to our inner world or inner reality. However, courage is all about feeling the fear and moving forward anyway (especially since fear is in many occasions mere fantasy without real merit). Courage does not allow fear to numb or paralyse you for too long.

As a second step, I usually look back and appreciate myself for taking the extra step or going the extra mile and then also I need to remember not to be hard on myself if everything does not go according to my expectations or plans.

Can the concept of courage be helpful to you? Can you feel the fear and go forward anyway?