We all have an inner child – it is the part of us that likes to create. It likes to imagine things and likes to go out every now and then and play. It is not interested in results but in living life as it comes. It is full of wonder, awe and curiosity for the world and not knowing is exciting (and not something to dread)!

And what does it matter that tomorrow is terra incognita? What does it matter that we might find ourselves in an unexplored territory at some point in life? The inner child will find this as an opportunity for learning and even better… playing!

This is the power of experimentation. We might not know how things will turn out but we are willing to try. Other soft skills are required too for an adult. We need to organise, to check, to revisit, to learn. However, the important thing here is not to forget to let the child out to play every now and then.

It would be better still if we didn’t need five to six pints of beer to let our inner child do something silly but allow some space to play or dance every now and then. Because after all, that inner child is longing to be accepted for what it is. An inner energy that will help us with its spark and wonderment about the world and with all the possibilities that are endless.

Remember how it was being a child? Why can’t we enjoy some of that spark and love of life and everything seems like it has lost its colour and become grey?

The inspiration for this post has been the following video… I think it encapsulates the inner child very well as well as how sometimes the effect of the world can numb its vitality.


So at the end of the day, if there is any advice to be given here it’s probably this bit:

Don’t be afraid to let your inner child out to play every now and then… It will learn something new, and you can thank them later 🙂

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